Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Theory/Practical skills, Viva) 2nd/2021

As per Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum (NMC)

  • Khazi Mudabbir Ahmed
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  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 2nd
  • 2021
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  • Comprehensive information in point wise format.
  • Written in simple language and so easy to understand the concepts
  • Take less time to read and revise because of unique format and presentation.
  • Easy to draw flow charts and diagrams.
  • Contains "Quick review box" at the end of each chapter, which helps the students to quickly revise the whole chapter in a few minutes.
  • Contains less words per page which makes reading effortless.
  • As per new curriculum, theory question paper is for 100 marks. This book meets the requirement.


It is my sincere and humble attempt to provide students a simplified version of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. I received positive and encouraging feedback from students and teachers alike for the 1st edition of this book. Many  students got distinction in the exams. All attempts are made to retain the original style and flavor of the 1st edition.

The NMC has revised the undergraduate medical education curriculum so that the “Indian Medical Graduate” is able meet or exceed global bench-mark in knowledge, attitude, skills and communication. The revised curriculum has attempted to enunciate the competencies the student must be imparted with. The older curriculum, which focused on traditional teaching (e.g., lectures, which transmit information) and assessment methodology (written and oral examinations, which examine knowledge imbibed), should now be replaced by an emphasis on skills to be acquired.

This book is comprehensive and illustrative with lot of information in the form of points and diagrams which allows students to effortlessly read and understand. It covers all the topics prescribed by NMC new syllabus for MBBS graduates. Topics are made easy and simple, so it takes very less time to read and revise. New topics such as – latest notifications, crime scene investigation, national family health survey, national guidelines for accreditation of ART clinics, guidelines of NHRC regarding torture, social aspects of medicolegal cases, clinical research and ethics, biomedical research, biotoxicology, sociomedical toxicology, environmental toxicology, etc. have been added.

  1. Topics are arranged according to the latest “competency based syllabus”.
  2. For better understanding and retention of the subject, relevant images, flow charts, tables and diagrams are incorporated. Students can easily draw these diagrams and flow charts in the exams, which can help them to secure good marks.
  3. It contains “Quick Review Box” at the end of each chapter, which helps students to quickly revise the whole chapter in a few minutes. It also helps in preparation for viva voce.

- Author

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5 out of 5 stars


Dr. Arif Thekiya  On  23/07/2022

Excellent book, very simple & easy to understand. Covers all topics needed for undergraduate students taking forensic medicine & toxicology exam.

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