Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Theory, Practical Skills, Viva) 3rd/2023

FREE Practical skills & Viva-Voce Tips As per Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum (NMC)
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  • Khazi Mudabbir Ahmed
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  • 3rd
  • 2023
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Foreword by Anil Aggrawal (Former Director Professor of Forensic Medicine Maulana Azad Medical College):
    It is always lovely to read a book with multiple good qualities, like explaining, complex concepts in simple words and uncomplicated language, and full of good pictures, diagrams, and photographs. Dr. Khazi Mudabbir Ahmed's book fulfils these qualities and several others.
    Forensic medicine is a vast subject that needs to be explored by an overburdened student in very little time. Many textbooks are available on the market, but many give archaic information no longer relevant in the current scenario. Forensic medicine is a rapidly changing subject, and there was a dire need to look at it from a fresh angle. By their very nature, the existing books could not justify this situation. They existed in the market for a long time, and the authors sometimes needed to be more open to jettisoning old and archaic information, which had previously found favor with the students.

    I have known this eminently readable book's author for a long time, mainly through his books. I am a proud owner of all his editions. His books amply reveal his academic brilliance. For a long time, we have wanted a book that could look at Indian forensic medicine from a fresh angle, and judging by his earlier editions, I do not doubt that Dr Ahmed's book does that nicely. This book is concise and to the point, yet it contains all the latest stuff that should have rightly been there.

    Whenever a new textbook comes to the market, the author owes an explanation to students and all his academic brethren. The question often asked is, "What was the need for a new book when many textbooks were already available?". Fortunately, Dr. Khazi Mudabbir Ahmed will not have to go through this often-embarrassing exercise. This book differs from the existing textbooks in several ways. It would greatly assist all the students of this country and abroad.

Key Features:
  • Book covers all the competencies in serial order as per Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum (CBME) by National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • Latest modified competencies by NMC – FM 3.13, FM 3.15, FM 3.16, FM 3.17, FM 3.18 INCLUDED, in addition to other competencies.
  • Images, diagrams, flow charts and tables helps students to understand the subject easily
  • Point wise presentation makes reading easy
  • Less density of words per page makes reading effortless
  • Takes less time to read & revise because of its unique format & presentation
  • It improves the presentation of answers by the students in the exams and score more marks as indicated by the previous results
  • “Quick Review Box” at the end of each chapter, helps the students to revise the chapter in few minutes

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