Bedside Respiratory Medicine 2nd/2017

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  • Basanta Hazarika,V. Dharma Rao
  • 9789383124510
  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 2nd
  • 2017
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Key features of the Book :

  1. Very useful and practical source for under-graduates and post-graduates, residents and primary care physicians who treat respiratory diseases.
  2. Covers most authoritative and latest information on clinically important topics in respiratory medicine, like signs and symptoms, their clinical  significance, possible causes, diseases, etc, in a simple and easy to use format, supported by many figures and tables.
  3. Emphasis is also given on novel technologies of chest imaging, development of new drugs, endoscopic techniques for performing operations successfully without incision.
  4. Most essential topics include history taking, general examination, clinical  examination and relevant investigations, case discussion in respiratory medicine etc. A broad range of laboratory and diagnostic tests are described in detail  with step-by-step procedure.
  5. Key points are included at the beginning of each chapter.
  6. 'Review Questions' given at the end of each chapter, are intended to help the  students in the preparation for post graduate entrance examinations.
  7. The chapter 'Interventional Pulmonology' outlines diagnostic and therapeutic  procedures using bronchoscopic and thoracoscopic techniques. 

The first edition of Bedside Respiratory Medicine was an unqualified success. Readers responded enthusiastically to the convenient, attractive and expanded stand-alone volume of clinical methods in pulmonary medicine. Our original goal was to provide, in an easy to use format, complete coverage of the most authoritative information available anywhere of clinically important topics in respiratory medicine at patient’s bedside, while retaining the focus on clinical methods. This new edition of Bedside Respiratory Medicine has been extensively rewritten to incorporate the needs of the both undergraduate and post graduate students. New chapters discuss the history taking, general examination and case discussions in respiratory medicine. Notably the chapters on anatomy and physiology are being separated for easy reference and also rewritten for better understanding of the subject matter.

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy using Bedside Respiratory Medicine, Second Edition as an authoritative source for the most up-to-date information in bedside clinical pulmonology. Respiratory medicine, like many other areas of medicine, is changing rapidly. 
Novel technologies of imaging and development of new drugs make an impact on the practice of respiratory medicine. Endoscopic techniques are being used for performing operations successfully without an incision; operations that once required major surgery with attendant morbidity and expense are done with ease.

The second edition of Bedside Respiratory Medicine retains the framework and structure of first edition, updating clinical and background material where appropriate. In this edition, two new chapters are added and all other chapters are rewritten. The first chapter “Structure and Functions of the Respiratory System” is now divided into two distinct chapters, namely “Anatomy of the Respiratory System” and “Physiology of the Respiratory System” based on the inputs received by the readers. Accordingly some changes have been done.

Key points are added in the beginning of each chapter. One new section is added to each chapter called “Review Questions” which is intended to help the students to prepare for the post-graduate entrance examination. The pace of discoveries demand that physicians undertake rearly continuous self-education. It is our hope that this book will help the physicians in this process.

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