Short Subjects PG Medical Entrance Exam Capsule 1st/2016

Ophthalmology, Radiology, Tumors, Dermatology, Anesthesia, FMT, Orthopedics

  • T. Vamshidhar
  • 9789383124954
  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 1st
  • 2016
  • 530
  • Paper Back
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Key Features :

  • Provides all the exam related information from short subjects in a concise way, making it a complete handbook for any PG medical entrance examination.
  • Ample space has been provided for taking notes
  • Contains images wherever necessary for better understanding of the subject
  • Up-to-date information with the current examination pattern
  • Improves retention and reduces the time taken for revisions
  • Gives enough confidence to face any PG medical entrance examination
  • Recommended for Undergraduates, Interns, Postgraduate medical exam aspirants.
  • Must buy book for NEET-PG, DNBAIIMSJIPMER, PGIAPPGFMGE, All India, Maharastra PG , Kerala PG and TNPG Entrance.

  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Tumors
  • Dermatology
  • Anesthesia
  • Orthopedics
  • Forensic Medicine

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Manasa  On  18/11/2016

Awsome book. I took dnb seat in yesterdays counselling. Couldnt stop thanking the author for a wonderful book which made my dreams come true. I was able to revise all the short subjects in less than a week. So i was left with plenty of time to revise other subjects which gave me confidence. This is my dream come true.

Ashwin  On  27/08/2016

A very concise yet thourough book... gives excellant coverage of short subjects in a very retainable manner. Has a incredibly novel approach of using images and photographs, as we know a picture is worth a thousand words. A must have for all aspirants of NEET/DNB/PG entrances.

Tej  On  27/08/2016

I bought the book recently. I liked the way it is presented and the number of images in it. It definitely helps to revise faster. The caption Quicker revision and better retention is apt for the book

Dr.Vinodha  On  09/07/2016

Short and Precise..Perfect example for Smart Work...Provides everything needed for Short subjects with an Imagebased platform..Must buy book for every PG Aspirant

Dr.Vinodha  On  01/07/2016

Perfect example for Smartwork..Provides everything needed for Short Subjects with an Imagebased platform..Must buy book for every PG Aspirant

karthik  On  01/07/2016

Looks like a very nice book. Now all the exams have images. this book is written according to latest exam pattern.

Nikhil  On  24/12/2016

Good book. Took DNB seat last month. Before exams, i was told about this book by my friends. I read a few pages from my friend and ordered it online. I helped me a lot for my revision. A lot of time can be saved by this book. There are lots and lots of images in this book which would help retain subject

sunder  On  01/07/2016

This book is amazing. i couldnt believe, it took me hardly 1 day per subject to read it. I couldnt resist thanking the author for his amazing work..

Dr Anu  On  09/07/2016

I would like to give some genuine opinion regarding this book. I went to shop to purchase this book. Shopkeeper explained me regarding this book. I was in a doubt wherter to go for this book or to stick on to Across short subjects. But somehow, i bought both books. After going home, i started reading anesthesia from this book (pg medical entrance capsule). It took me 2 days to read it. Revision took me 2-3hrs. I was surpriosed and couldnt even believe that it was true. Images helped me retain the subject well and the subject/content is been given in such a format or style, it can be read very very fast. Its not an mcq book, its not a text book. Its not just an image based book. Its a complete book with only important text related to each topic of a subject with all relevant images provided. Many questions came directly from this book in the recent DNB exam which i took 4 days ago. I wish i had this book a few months back. Its really good book.

Dr Prerna   On  18/11/2016

This book is a life saver! Covers all important topics . Great for last minute revision. Presentation in a very simple language and thus easy to retain! Images are a big PLUS!

Dr Ashish  On  28/07/2016

I purchased this book 1 week before june dnb exam. I read 3 subjects from this book. almost 15-20 questions directly appeared in the exam. I wish i had this book before so that i could have scored even more marks in the exam. The presentation is great. easy to understand, lots of images will help retention of subject well.

VENKAT  On  13/08/2016

really nice book. new approach, lots of images for easy understanding. I felt many questions came from this book in my recent dnb exam. I recommend this book to everyone

shyam sunder  On  13/08/2016

I am from chennai. I knew about this book from one of my friends at hyderabad. He suggested me to read this book. I ordered it online. let me give a genuine review regarding this book 1) this book is small, size of dutta obstetrics book 2) 500 pages approx 3)lots and lots of images, I can say plenty of images 4) all possible questions from a topic are arranged in tabular form 5) full color book 6) cost is reasonably less I truely felt that the author did some genuine work in writing this book. It will definitely help students to revise fast

purushottam patil  On  18/11/2016


rakesh  On  30/01/2017

what an amazing book. Got my NEET results yesterday. I couldnt stop thnking the author for this wonderful book which helped me getting All India rank 2100. Lots and lots of images in this book would make it easier to revise and retain. I recommend every pg aspirant to go through this wonderful book.

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