Anatomy Simplified 2nd/2021

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  • Lalitha A Kulkarni
  • 9788194898603
  • CBS Publishers & Distributors
  • 2nd
  • 2021
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  • This book covers both theory topics and practical aspects of anatomy in a comprehensive manner
  • Topics in the book conform to the new CBME syllabus: Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate
  • Key to anatomy unfolds all the difficulties in anatomy and within no time you will grasp the subject with confidence
  • The language of the book is easy to understand and thus it becomes easy to reproduce in the examination
  • Each topic is either covered under key short notes or key long questions
  • The book clears the air about how to answer short notes and long questions in the examination
  • Students will feel confident about theory and viva voce examinations
  • Key diagrams with MCQ tips will assist students in doing the last minute revision before the examination
  • Useful mnemonics are given to memorize certain facts in anatomy in a logical manner
  • Surface anatomy is made very easy by providing clinical photographs
  • There is a separate section on embryology models; expected viva voce questions are discussed following the description of models
  • Clinical photographs are also provided for muscle actions of upper and lower extremities
  • The book provides anatomy topics with understanding thus making them easy to remember. Almost every topic has easily reproducible diagrams
  • Dissection chapter in each section provides the crucial structures encountered in that particular region with special mention of viva section ,i.e structures encountered during                 surgery
  • The book describes in almost every topic how knowledge of anatomy will help while doing surgery
  • Book draws at many places a comparison between dissection on cadavers and surgery performed on patients
  • Anatomy is a basic subject in medical education; the book provides ground for strong foundation of knowledge in this subject
  • This book will be your best friend in your entire medical career
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