Crack General Surgery at First Attempt 2nd/2023

Exam Preparatory Manual for Medical Students
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  • T Y Shekar
  • 9788195409761
  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 2nd
  • 2023
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Key features of the book:

  • Simplified subject to aid in easy understanding and remembrance.
  • Diagnostic criteria given separately which if remembered, can help you write the entire answer.
  • Ample illustrations and line diagrams help to learn the subject faster.
  • Questions updated based on the new topics added in this edition.
  • All previous questions from University exams included which helps to prepare for exams adequately.

Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers a wide range of topics, providing a comprehensive understanding of general surgery for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
• Question-and-Answer Format: The content is presented in a question-and-answer format, facilitating easy comprehension and memorization of important information.
• Emphasis on Previous Examination Questions: The book focuses on previous examination questions, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the question patterns and effectively prepare for exams.
• Addition of New Topics and Chapters: The second edition incorporates new topics such as soft tissue tumors, malignant salivary neoplasms, malignant cerebral tumors, and more. New chapters on preoperative preparation, operative considerations, postoperative complications, trauma, and spinal cord surgery have also been included.
• Revised Manuscript: The entire manuscript has been thoroughly revised, ensuring accuracy and relevance to the current syllabus.
• Diagnostic Criteria in Separate Boxes: Diagnostic criteria are presented in separate boxes, facilitating easy reference and aiding in question recall during exams.
• Illustrations and Tables: The book includes ample figures, line diagrams, and tables, enhancing the understanding of surgical concepts and making the subject more accessible.
• Multiple-Choice Questions: Each chapter is accompanied by multiple-choice questions, which are particularly useful for undergraduate students preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations.
• Suitable for UG and PG Students: The book caters to the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing comprehensive and ready-made answers for exam preparation.
• Experienced Author: Dr. T Y Shekar, with his extensive experience as a former professor and head of the Department of General Surgery, brings his expertise and knowledge to this book.
• Academic Recognition: Dr. Y T Shekar has served as an examiner for various universities, participated in academic sessions, presented papers, and published in international and national journals.
• Supporting Medical Institutions: The author acknowledges the support and collaboration of esteemed medical institutions, ensuring access to valuable clinical material for the book's content.
With these key features, "Crack General Surgery @ First Attempt" offers students a simplified and comprehensive resource to successfully navigate the field of general surgery and excel in their examinations.

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