Essentials of Microbiology 2nd/2024

An Integrated Clinical Case Based Approach including Parasitology
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his is the thoroughly revised, rewritten and updated edition of the book which has been written and designed in accordance with the latest CBME Guidelines. In a first level medical microbiology programme, a strict clinical system-wise study of the microbes would not only hinder the understanding and concept building of microbiology in the medical students but may imprint erroneous perceptions, as most microbes know no anatomical borders.

Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate, prescribed by the National Medical Commission, advocates a horizontal and vertical integration of microbiology with other subjects on the basis of clinical systems. This book has introduced more than 100 integrated clinical cases, including 23 on parasitic diseases; referenced clinical systemwise in exclusive infectious diseases section and dealt in the relevant microbiology category. The book imbibes the spirit and word of the competency-based curriculum and yet retains the traditional approach to learning microbiology for greater understanding. It has bidirectional linkages, which permit navigation from clinical cases to core microbiology and otherwise. The book has been designed primarily for induction of the subject to the medical undergraduates, and not as a postgraduate entrance book, yet would also be helpful in the latter respect.

Salient Features and Highlights

  • More than 55 bacterial and fungal, 25 viral and 23 parasitic based integrated clinical-based cases to make a sound foundation of the infectious diseases in medical students. Worked out in a systematic Q–A based format for clear understanding.
  • More than 33 general microbiology|infection control and pandemic management and 15 immunology-based clinical vignettes|clinical cases worked out in a systematic fashion to make a sound foundation of medical microbiology.
  • All chapters in clinical infectious diseases|syndromes of various systems are provided with clinical details including collection, transport and processing techniques. Also provided are exclusive clinical cases, including references of clinical cases.
  • All sections on bacterial diseases have separate subsections for outline or classification of organisms, metabolic and microscopic features, media requirements and colonial characters (including diagnostic), clinical profile, laboratory diagnosis of important bacterial diseases and treatment. This is organized in an integrated tabular format.
  • Sections dealing with DNA and RNA viral infections have exclusive tabulated and referenced chapters on clinical profile and laboratory diagnosis of such infections.
  • Protozoology and helminthology sections in parasitic diseases have exclusive chapters on morphological profile, transmission|life-cycle and host's profile, clinical profile, laboratory diagnosis profile and treatment profile.
  • All sections have assessment|examination questions including MCQs with answers and references.

The book also includes:

  • An exclusive section on pandemic management
  • Two AETCOM scenarios with reference to microbiology
  • More than 50 quotations to inspire the reader
  • Content format offers flexibility to sequence of learning and teaching
  • Complimentary digital resources for young medical teachers
  • Appendix on internet resources

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