Scotts Pedia Tricks 5th/2024

  • Julius Scott, Peter Prashanth K, Srinivasa Raghavan R
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  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 5th
  • 2024
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Best seller on Amazon, student-friendly comprehenisve guide to pass the pediatric practical examination for undergraduate/ postgraduate students.


Highlights of this edition:

“Hyposkillia” (deficiency of clinical skills), threat of medical curriculum. can lead to difficulties in facing exams and delivering good quality care in clinical practice.

In this edition, we have focussed much more on the basics of history taking, clinical examination relevant to Paediatrics from exam/practice.

To achieve this, we have included authors from three generations of pediatricians:

- The students/ early career teachers (2020ish) - inclusion of new authors who had recently finished their exams

- The middle level teachers (2000ish) - as co-authors and section editors for the topics, updated knowledgeable 

- The senior most “Bheesmars” (teachers of the teachers, examiners of the examiners) 1990ish stalwarts - who shared their clinical wisdom and examiner's perspectives as key points·


You will learn from all of them in this edition. Addition of:

WOW - “Wisdom obtained from Wards”

Key points in history, key findings not to be missed in examination

MOM - “Musings of the Master”

Common mistakes students are likely to make, important questions that could be asked pertaining to the clinical cases


More in this edition

- New chapter about exams.

- Updated “TRICKS” to pass exams.

- History and clinical examination are elaborated.

- Updated and simplified  section on Viva-VOCE.

- Addition of new chapters in Genetics, Nutrition, Development, Hematology & Oncology, Neurology Endocrinology, and Neonatology.

- Model case sheets in all chapter/ exam cases - to help in the exam case presentation.

- Emergency/ ward rounds - included for the first time since some universities have this as a part of the exams.

- Section of counselling - neonatal and pediatric conditions where counseling skills may be needed have been presented.

Would be useful for the undergraduate and postgraduate during their daily routine as well as for the examination.

- Overall, all-in-one for Pediatric practical exams and must have for clinical postings.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


V.Uma Muralidharan   On  18/04/2024

WHOLE CLINICAL PEDIATRICS IN A SINGLE BOOK Very good clinical pediatric book for both Under graduate and Postgradute students.In this new edition,many exam cases are given as a separate chapter with separate case taking format and discussion.This is very useful for all Pediatrician.

Gokul  On  04/04/2024

Another kundu book in pediatrics.

Karunakar  On  20/04/2024

This is an excellent book for postgraduates. Each section in this recent edition was written and edited by experts in the fields related to the topics like pediatric neurology, pediatric gastroenterology..The clarity and content in the topics makes it easy for the postgraduates to read and learn. I recommend this book for postgraduates.

Karthik  On  10/04/2024

It’s a good clinical book to read.. useful for Pgs and pediatrician wrote in a useful way to remember… must buy

Hari Prakash Reddy  On  01/01/1970

Very useful book.explained practical things in a much simpler way. Helps to strengthen my clinical skills...For the purpose of concentrating on pediatric methods and facing viva and practical exams: Scott pediatrics. I have found this book to be accurate from information point of view and it is fully updated.

Vinith  On  07/04/2024

Excellent read very helpful and short thank u for such a wonderful book helped me in pedss a lot thanks

Sri Pratyusha Pinisetty  On  07/04/2024

Excellent book…worth reading it…give it a shot guys and Prof. Scott you are too good…looking for more publications from you..

Amazon Customer  On  05/04/2024

For students who want a book for better understanding of paediatric clinical concepts, quick review before exams and for revision of viva aspects .,.,.,., Quran / Bhagavat Gita / Bible for budding doctors????

Somanath  On  03/04/2024

Scott’s Paedia-tricks 'A clinical master-piece' Dr Julius Scott's latest contribution to the field of pediatric clinical practice is nothing short of exceptional. His expertise shines through in every chapter, offering a comprehensive and insightful exploration of pediatric care. From fundamental principles to advanced diagnostics and basic treatment strategies, this book covers it all with clarity and precision. Dr. Scott's meticulous attention to detail, coupled with his practical approach, makes this text book an indispensable resource for clinicians, educators, and students alike. With its wealth of knowledge and evidence-based recommendations, this text sets a new standard in pediatric literature. I highly recommend this text book to anyone seeking a thorough understanding of basics of pediatric medicine.

Kartikay Kataria  On  28/03/2024

Excellent book for paediatrics. Stands true to its name, a must have book for all final year mbbs students. Explains all the important topics in a very interesting way. Bible for paeds.

Gnanasambandam V  On  26/03/2024

LIFE SAVER, TIME SAVER One of the best books to guide pgs, especially during practicals. Concise and precise. Right from the mind of eminent pediatricians.

Bharat Vignesh  On  24/03/2024

The book covers anything and all about clinical paediatrics. The format is very easy to ready with adequate illustrations and tabulations. There's also a quick brush up on important topics, making it easier during exams. The authors have taken great efforts to simplify the topics for the easier understanding of students. Unlike other clinical textbooks, Dr. Scott's Pediatrics also provides the appropriate case sheet writing format for each case. Thereby the order and flow thought are synchronised while approaching the case

Ravi Kumar  On  14/03/2024

TRULY AN ELIXIR FOR POSTGRADUATES This book is newly updated, high yield chapters, spotlight on counselling & ward rounds especially curated for students. I would highly recommend. Thanks to Dr Srinivasa Raghavan sir for being an inspiration to all the future paediatrician’s.

N.S.Thillai Arunachalam  On  07/03/2024

SCOTT'S PEDIA-TRICKS A MUST HAVE RESOURCE FOR CLINICAL PEDIATRICS Scott's 'Pedia-Tricks' is an incredibly valuable resource for undergraduate students. It covers all the essential exam cases comprehensively. The content is meticulously organized, beginning with helpful tips and progressing through chapters on history-taking, general examinations, and addressing cases from various individual systems. Instead of being organized by systems, they provide case sheet models for each exam case, making it easier for students to navigate. The content structure includes model case sheets, relevant theory, and viva questions. Additionally, the book features beautiful illustrations, tables, and boxes summarizing important aspects of each case. Overall, it's an invaluable resource for clinical pediatrics, and I highly recommend it to all students.

Susmitha V  On  04/04/2024

THE ULTIMATE PEDIATRIC COMPANION Dr. Julius Scott's Pedia-Tricks sets a new standard in pediatric literature with its comprehensive coverage, practical approach, and expert guidance. A must-have for final year MBBS students, it simplifies complex topics and offers invaluable insights for aspiring pediatricians.

Priyanka M  On  04/04/2024

SCOTT'S PEDIA-TRICKS ' EXCEPTIONAL NEVER BEFORE AND EVER AFTER PEDIATRIC RESOURCE' Dr. Julius Scott's clinical pediatric textbook stands as a cornerstone in the field, offering a comprehensive and insightful exploration of pediatric medicine. From its meticulously researched content to its practical applications, this book serves as an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers. Each chapter is excellently organised by sir, providing a logical progression of information that facilitates learning and retention. Moreover, the inclusion of case studies and clinical scenarios further enhances the text's utility, allowing readers to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. MOM AND WOW concepts are never before and ever after. A must guide book for all paediatricians.

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