Exam Oriented Anatomy Questions and Answers 2nd/2021 (Vol 1)

General Anatomy , General Histology, Upper Limb, Lower Limb
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  • Shoukat N Kazi
  • 9789390046140
  • CBS Publishers & Distributors
  • 2nd
  • 2021
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  1. The book is written using short and simple sentences.
  2. Four types of questions are discussed: LAQs (Long Answer Questions), SN (Short Notes), SAQs (Short Answer Questions), and OLA (One Line Answers).
  3. The answers are written in the form of points by using indentation.
  4. Tables are introduced to save the time and display the information for immediate reference for the students and examiners.
  5. The relevant, simple, linear informative diagrams are drawn with the respective colours.
  6. Important key words, which help to memorize the subject without taxing the memory, are given.

Medical Council of India has reduced the duration of First Year MBBS by 6 months and introduced new pattern of questions which include long answer questions,short notes,short answer questions, clinical problems and multiple choice questions. Students are expected to know all the topics as well as specific information and minute,relevant details having clinical importance.

There is no source for the definition and the extent of contents of the various terms used in the theory questions.The author has extensively discussed these terms with eminent anatomists in India and attempted to define these terms. He is aware of the limitations and has high regard about others’views. This four-volume book attempts to provide unique solutions to these problems for the benefit of the readers studying human anatomy and preparing for their examinations.

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