Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for Medical Students 6th/2024

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  • Gautam Biswas
  • 9789356969629
  • Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd
  • 6th
  • 2024
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Like previous editions, this text is presented in a concise and lucid form with line diagrams, boxes, tables, differentiations, and flowcharts are colored and designed to make the book interesting to read, easy to comprehend, recollect, and reproduce. Colored images from several clinical case studies have been added to make the concept clearer. Additionally, colored boxes in the form of “Pearls” have been added to highlight salient features/points. “Mnemonics” have been included wherever possible. Interesting anecdotes and facts, concepts, theories, recent advances, and topic-related information have been added wherever needed. Older terminologies have been discarded and newer ones introduced. There are some new innovative ideas which will help the reader in understanding the topic in a better way—colored images featuring clinical cases/postmortem have been incorporated after completion of the topic along with thought-provoking questions that the readers can deal with confidently when they actually come across similar cases. There is a separate table of “High Yield” at the end of each chapter which gives a summary of important definitions and points—take-away messages from the chapter. Additionally, a case report is given at the end (after “high yield”) pertaining to some topic already discussed in the chapter (as suggested by few students). This will create more interest and will help in retaining the information in the long run. Another innovative approach is the addition of “QR codes” to select topics which the reader can utilize to watch the video for better understanding of the concept. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from recent PG entrance examinations are included as online content for the students which they can access with the unique code provided along with each book. This will help the reader to get an insight into that topic and prepare for viva-voce and subsequent postgraduate entrance examinations (INCET/NEET/NEXT).

  • Fully colored textbook based on the NMC guidelines "Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate". Competencies listed in the NMC document have been incorporated and all the chapters have been revised and updated.
  • This book utilizes the same "magic bullet" for easy understanding and quick revision of the subject as it covers all the topics required for theory, viva-voce, and practical.
  • The text is presented in a concise and lucid form like in previous editions, with colored images, line diagrams, boxes, flowcharts, tables, and differentiations used extensively to make the subject interesting, clear the concepts, and recollect and reproduce during examinations.
  • Latest Acts such as The Assisted Reproductive Technology Act, 2021; The Surrogacy Act, 2021; and The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 have been added. Chapters on medical jurisprudence, sexual assault, homosexuality, paraphilia, forensic psychiatry (includes ICD-11 guidelines), and alcohol intoxication have been updated as per the current guidelines along with many clinical case studies.
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter are divided into ‘Must know’ and ‘Desirable to know’.
  • Important points are highlighted as ‘Pearls’ which will be useful during Viva/MCQs.
  • ‘QR codes’ have added at some important topics so that learner can access online videos for better understanding of the concept.
  • Additional information has been incorporated under ‘Nota Bene’ which the students should go through for the NEXT/NEET exam.
  • "High Yield" provides a nutshell view of the chapter comprising key take-away messages.
  • Footnotes are generously included to explain a particular point/key/concept.
  • In furtherance with the development of practical skills, innovative ‘image-based questions’ have been incorporated within the text for better understanding and clearing the concepts.
  • A case report has been included at the end of the chapter to generate inquisitiveness.
  • Recent advances have been incorporated wherever required.
  • Important sections of IPC, CrPC, and IEA and signs and antidotes of common poisons are given in separate tables at the beginning of the book.
  • Latest topic-wise MCQs from previous PG entrance examinations which was a highlight of this book is now being given as online content with unique code to access it. These MCQs will help in preparing the students for their current Viva-Voce, NEET, and DNB examinations in future.

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