OSPE in Pharmacology the Definitive Workbook 1st/2024

Comprehensive Workbook for OSPE Model Stations, Spotters Assessments for MBBS Students with Expert Insights

  • Ravi Kant Tiwari
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  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 1st
  • 2024
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Master OSPE Pharmacology. Must have for 2nd year MBBS! Comprehensive Workbook for OSPE Model Stations, Spotters Assessments for MBBS Students with Expert Insights.

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Aligned with NMC Guidelines: Tailored to the latest Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum by the National Medical Council (NMC).

  • Comprehensive OSPE Coverage: A pioneering workbook cum manual focusing on Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) in Pharmacology.
  • Extensive OSPE Stations: Offers 150 model OSPE stations/questions, meticulously organized into 15 model OSPE question papers.
  • Diverse Station Topics: Each OSPE paper features 10 stations spanning various domains of practical pharmacology, including clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacology, experimental pharmacology, and communication skills.
  • Holistic Pharmacology Coverage: Addresses essential topics such as dosage forms, drug administration routes, dose calculations, prescription writing, ADRs, drug interactions, and the P-drug concept.
  • Innovative Learning Tools: Incorporates mannequin-based exercises, problem-based scenarios, prescription audits, and computer-assisted learning (CAL) experiments.
  • Image-based Assessment: Includes 100 spotters as image-based questions to enhance visual recognition and diagnostic skills.
  • Student-centric Design: Ample blank spaces provided after each station/question for students to document their responses, fostering active participation and self-assessment.
  • Structured Evaluation System: Equips faculty members with a systematic scoring system at each station/question, ensuring consistent and objective assessment.
  • Multidisciplinary Utility: Ideal for a diverse audience, including MBBS students, MD Pharmacology aspirants, and students pursuing B. Pharm and M. Pharm degrees.
  • Continuous Improvement: Open to feedback and suggestions for refinement, emphasizing the mantra: "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and THE BEST IS YET TO COME."

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Dr. Seemant Saurabh  On  03/02/2024

Very well written book for examiners to thoroughly examine underground and post graduate students. How to construct a quality questionnaire is very well demonstrated through this book. Congratulations and Best wishes for. Dr. R. K.Tiwari sir.

Dr Rajesh  On  17/02/2024

Nice book Very much useful for ugs and Faculty as well

Dr. Shipra Jain  On  17/02/2024

Very useful book for undergraduate exams especially after introduction of CBME

Dr Pooja Shukla   On  19/02/2024

Congratulations to the author, Indeed a very comprehensive book covering almost all the aspects of UG competencies.

Rajesh Kumar Manchi   On  20/02/2024

Recent Book in pharmacology received as complimentary copy - made faculty and students work easier as content is already made easy and simple to understand. 2) First book to give assessment with scores till now no practical work Book in pharmacology gave scores and assessment. 3) All the core competencies are well covered. 4) Not too heavy to carry and released at affordable price multi colour print. 5) wish Dr Ravikant sir let this book bring revolutionary change in OSPE pharmacology.

Dr Pooja Shukla   On  20/02/2024

Congratulations to the author Very well written and handy book for both examiner and the examinee.

Dr Vishal Prakash Giri   On  20/02/2024

ery engaging. A very well written, meticulously compiled & crisp handbook. I am sure it will be useful for students as well as teachers. It's a sure shot hit. Congratulations to Prof Ravi Kant Tiwari & team for this masterpiece. Highly recommended.

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